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Daver Morrison as Troy Maxson

'FENCES'   -- Gloucester Stage Company


2015 IRNE Award Winner - Best Actor - Daver Morrison


  A Raw, Relevant  'FENCES' at Gloucester Stage  ( Click for Full Article ) 


" Daver Morrison is  charismatic and  commanding

   as a former Negro League baseball star... "         


" Morrison’s Troy is by turns  likable and  intimidating, seductive and repellent.  

   He is  spot-on. "


     -- Jeremey Goodwin,   THE BOSTON GLOBE 



" Daver Morrison is heroic,  compelling, and  fierce as Troy..."


     ---  Joyce Kulhawik  (Joyce's Choices)




A Soldier’s Play    

2014 IRNE Award Winner  --  Best Actor  - Daver Morrison  

                                                and Best Ensemble


"Morrison gives a powerful performance as the cool captain who never loses his head..."


                         Beverly Creasey    --  Boston Arts Review




"Daver Morrison plays the Mr. Tibbs-like Captain Davenport with aplomb."


                         Kay Bourne      --  EDGE, Boston



"Black history buffs will thrill to Roxbury Repertory Theater’s edge-of-the-seat dramatization of Charles Fuller’s "A Soldier’s Play."  Like a time machine, the perfectly calibrated production shoots you back to 1944 at the U.S. Army’s Fort Neal situated outside a small Louisiana town in the Jim Crow South.


 Daver Morrison (Captain Davenport)

 'A Soldier's Play'


“The Whipping Man”  

- Clarence Brown Theatre

Reconstruction: Clarence Brown Unleashes 'The Whipping Man'

By George Logan



"... Simon is played with authoritarian gravitas by Daver Morrison.."


" This production could hardly be better.  More than some other

productions, this play points out the prevailing urgency of live

drama over cinema.  You start thinking American audiences are

unshockable.  But several times, at the Carousel, arranged for this

production in an intimate semicircle, I heard gasps, as if audience

members believed, if only for a second, that what they were witnessing

was real, and now.  It’s so perfectly presented that I suspect a large

majority of each audience wouldn’t mind seeing it again the next night."

Daver Morrison (Simon), Steve Sherman (Caleb), Tramell Tillman (John)

Clarence Brown Theatre’s  "The Whipping Man”



“ …with Morrison’s superb portrayal, the tale becomes

    deeply moving.


   …elevated by an exceptional portrait of Othello.”


                           -- Justin Shaltz


       Daver Morrison (Othello),   Amanda Catania (Desdemona)

   --  ILLinois Shakespeare Festival

Image 11-25-18 at 10.56 AM.jpg

Othello Trailer

from Portland Center Stage


April 5 — May 11, 2014 
On the Main Stage

Directed by Chris Coleman

Set in 17th century Venice, this is Shakespeare’s profound tragedy of the power of love and jealousy.

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